Rapture Boy

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Rapture Boy

Do you know who you are?

Directed by Mr.RAZ

If you haven’t heard of Rapture Boy yet, it’s about time.

Mr.RAZ just shot his first Music Video !

and it’s awesome!

OK, from time to time between many other names in the Hip-Hop world, one name will come up to the surface and drag your attention. Well, now it’s one of those moments and you definitely need to remember this hot new artist „ Rapture Boy“.


Mr.RAZ of VAM-United Studios just finished his music video for his first single „ Do you know who you are ?“ and it’s awesome! After weeks of planning Rapture Boy suggested that one interesting location may also be the lake in the Flims Mountain in Switzerland. In early morning Mr.RAZ and Rapture Boy drove to the mountain and walked about 1 hour since the lake can’t be reached by car, but it was all worth it, and both agreed this must be the main location now. Make sure you watch this music video because, besides the meaningful lyrics of Rapture Boy you will also see how beautiful our planet can be without special effects too. We asked both about how the collaboration was, and

















Mr.RAZ says:

„ Rapture Boy, young, talented, confident music artist, easy to work with in a very familiar atmosphere. I am sure this is just a start for him and we will hear a lot more in the near future.“ Rapture Boy says : „ Working with Mr.RAZ was more than great. His knowledge of the industry is vast and insightful, knew perfectly how to express my ideologies in pictures but most important his joyful manner and always open to ideas makes him one of the best music video Directors. „


Currently signed to Amiel Entertainment in Switzerland and preparing to release his first music album „ Two Sides Of A Story „ we are sure you are going to love Rapture Boy and add him on your favorite music list.


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